Kids love to draw. Set out a stack of paper and a pencil and you’d be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t want to start doodling. So how about translating the concept of a line into 3 dimensions?

Wire sculpture is an easy art project for kids that introduces the concepts of line and space.

Wire sculpture is an easy way to introduce two important art concepts to children: line and space. Line is an intuitive and basic art concept, in fact the most primitive works of art, such as cave paintings, are line drawings. Line allows people to express ideas in a simple way, think happy faces and hearts, and is the foundation of symbols. Another basic art concept is space. Many 2 dimensional works of art typically employ depth and perspective to create the illusion of 3 dimensional space. Once you start working in 3 dimensions you have entered the world of sculpture, which allows you to actually create objects in space.

What I love about wire sculpture is that it allows children to work in line while also exploring space. Additionally it illustrates how 3 dimensional objects look different depending on the angle of the viewer.

This was one of those simple light bulb projects I had while fooling around with materials I had purchased for something else. At first I envisioned them as DIY toys, which they still can be, but I also enjoyed the idea of using them as an easy sculpture exercise for kids. The beads add color and actually help children “trace” the 3D lines they’ve made. And there’s a bonus, it’s a really easy and inexpensive project to set-up! [click to continue…]


How to Make Paper Flowers (pssst….in 5-minutes!)

August 16, 2014

Hey Friends, besides being a kid blogger I’m a creative nut and cannot turn down an opportunity to do a good DIY for grown-ups! Today I’m sharing a quick and easy tutorial for how to make paper flowers out of crepe paper on DIY Candy. And as the title discloses, you can make one flower in […]

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Art Ideas for Kids: Magnetic Doodles

August 13, 2014
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I’m back with more art ideas for kids and the second installment of heavy metal art, this time in the form of Magnetic Doodles! If you didn’t catch our Heavy Metal Art Boxes  be sure to hop over here. Today we are taking the iron filings OUT of the box and using them to draw. The most […]

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Scientific Art: Heavy Metal Art Boxes

August 10, 2014
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Magnetism has carried me away…..I love exploring magnetic projects because it always feels like we are working with magic. Think about it, this invisible force that attracts metals together…..you already know I’m a little nuts for them after we made Magnetic Sculptures, today we are using them to make Heavy Metal Art Boxes. While doing […]

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Design for Kids: DIY Stamps

July 30, 2014
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You guys know I love design and am very passionate about why design is so important for kids. That’s why I’m thrilled to be working on a new series called Design for Kids that will be co-hosted by Kids Stuff World and Babble Dabble Do. Kids Stuff World is one of my favorite family lifestyle blogs and I think you’ll […]

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Book Art Series: Mini Bookmarks

July 25, 2014
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We are back with our third installment of our Book Art Series in collaboration with Erica from What Do We Do All Day! Here’s the series low-down in case this is your first time: Erica creates book lists for kids based on a topic and I supply a companion activity. We want to inspire the […]

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Science and Art for Kids: Magnetic Sculptures

July 21, 2014
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Magnetism for kids is something I could probably explore for month here on Babble Dabble Do, but you might get a little bored…or would you? Simply put the magic of magnets is a sure winner with kids every.single.time. Even adults go bonkers for magnets! They are hands down the most interesting metal out there, provided […]

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Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art

July 16, 2014
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To kick off all things metal this month I’m bringing you a project that emulates one of my favorite forms of folk art: Hojalata or Tin Art from Mexico. We have a few tin art pieces around our house and I love the mixture of color and texture. Typically hojalata is made by stamping and […]

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Materials Series: 18 Metal Projects for Kids

July 12, 2014
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I can hardly believe it but our year-long materials series is quickly coming to a close. It’s been almost a year since we started the series with Paper Crafts. Fast forward and we are wrapping up the year exploring metal. Metals, you say, with kids? Yes! Metal can sound a little intimidating but there are […]

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