12 Days of Christmas Toys

I love buying toys at Christmas…the only problem is I often buy the toys I think are cool only to have my kids look at me perplexed as to why they received this gift instead of the one noted on their list…..OOPS! My husband has been asking me over and over again what are we getting the kids for Christmas so I finally compiled a list of the toys I have my eyes on this holiday season, maybe a few will end up under our tree…or yours!

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1. Wikki Stix I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play with these but the buzz and modest price tag makes them a strong stocking stuffer contender.

2.Goldie Blox and The Spinning MachineOkay all licensing controversies aside, these are brilliant!

3. WEDGiTS These are right up my alley, think geometric building blocks. We have a mini set a friend gave us and I’ve been dying to expand it for more building power.

4. American Girl Doll  My daughter is a doll fanatic and I have to admit I think American Dolls are pretty cool. The idea of customizable and historic dolls that the company offers are brilliant. Yes, the price tag is enough to make anyone gulp, but that what grandparents are for!

5.Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set I’m an architect so of course I can’t resist these blocks, which come in classic architectural shapes. My kids have played with these at friend’s homes and love them. The addition of realistic details to the standard building block makes them extra special.

6. ALEX® Toys – Craft My First Sewing Kit I’ve tried buying sewing kits for my 3 year old but alas she is still too young….this one will have to wait a couple more years but if you have any older girls on your shopping list this would be a great gift!

7.Blocks & Marbles Super Set Every time we put together a marble run at preschool the kids go crazy. A few days ago they were climbing on me as I tried to build one, apparently I wasn’t building it fast enough! This one look like it would be great for both my 3 and 5 year olds.

8. Magna-tiles Solid Colors We invested in a set of the translucent Magna Tiles a few years ago and my kids still love to play with them. When I saw they now come in solid colors I was even more excited to expand our collection. The wonderful thing about this toy is that the blocks magnetically stick together; they are just sturdy enough to build large structures but fragile enough for a quick and noisy knock down, half the fun!

9.Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center Okay, I have to admit, this is the one toy on the list that we already own…..I wanted to include it because it has been a hit at our house. We looked into so many backyard structures this past year and were scared by the price tag, durability, and frankly the look….plastic just doesn’t weather well. This dome is so inexpensive compared to most backyard structures and my kids absolutely adore it. Plus its not an eyesore when we gaze out into the backyard, in fact it adds a little architectural flair I would say!

10. Fractiles More magnetic fun, this time with a graphic design twist. I personally want a set of these to play with!

11. LEGO Pink Brick Box I can’t believe it has taken Lego this long to realize that bricks marketed to girls would be a good idea….but despite the wait, they finally figured it out and I’m so excited to purchase these for my daughter this year. She’s seen her brother tinker long enough with his zillions of Legos, I can’t wait for het to have her own set.

12. HexActly If you haven’t figured it out by now, I just adore colorful geometric building toys, and this one looks like a fantastic addition to our repertoire.  Fat Brain Toys has done it again!

Can’t wait for my kids to open up a few of these this Christmas!

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