40 Art Materials You Can Make at Home

I’m a DIY kinda gal by nature; I cannot help myself, I just love to make stuff! So when given the chance to make art supplies from scratch or buy them, I will most often choose making them. The upside of making art supplies at home is that the process is half the fun, kids will enjoy both making the supply and using it, and it’s a great lesson in self-reliance and inventiveness all in one.

40 Art Materials You Can Make At Home

All the projects shown above are keyed with numbers and links to the fabulous creators below. Be sure to browse around all the featured sites  for more DIY art inspiration!



1. Condensed Milk Paint from Mama Papa Bubba
2. Homemade Watercolors from Happy Hooligans
3. Glue Paint from Tinkerlab
4. Shaving Cream Paint   from Fun At Home With Kids
5. Egg Tempera from Tinkerlab
6. Puffy Paint from The Artful Parent
7. Face Paint from I Can Teach My Child


8. Pudding, Syrup, and Cornstarch Paints from Babble Dabble Do
9. Edible Paints from Nothing If Not Intentional
10. Edible Finger Paints from Fun At Home With Kids


11. Playdough from Babble Dabble Do
12. Homemade Modeling Clay from Creative Playhouse
13. Salt Dough from The Artful Parent
14. Silly Putty from Play At Home Mom
15. Foam Dough from Mom Trusted
16. Sand Clay from Creative Playhouse
17. Cloud Dough from Babble Dabble Do

Fun Play Dough Variations:

18. Glowing Salt Dough from Craftulate
19. Chocolate Play Dough from JDaniel4’s Mom
20. Jello Play Dough from Modern Parents Messy Kids


21. Sidewalk Chalk from Fun At Home With Kids
22. DIY Sidewalk Chalk  from Babble Dabble Do 
23. Squirtable Sidewalk Chalk from Growing a Jeweled Rose
24. Hardware Store Chalk Paint from Babble Dabble Do
25. Sidewalk Chalk Paint from Mama Papa Bubba


26. Paper Roll Stamps from Mama Papa Bubba
27. Stamp Blocks from Babble Dabble Do
28. Pom Pom Stamps from Fantastic Fun & Learning
29. Eraser Stamps from Orange Barrel Industries
30. Flower Stamps from Growing A Jeweled Rose


31. Colored Sand from Busy Kids + Happy Mom
32. Colored Salt from Babble Dabble Do
33. Salt Glitter from Learn Create Love
34. Colored Rice from Fun At HomeWith Kids
35. Dyed Pasta from Mama Papa Bubba


36. Jello Art from Lalymom
37. Lick ‘N Stick Stickers from the Homeschool Classroom
38. Glowing Glue from Growing A Jeweled Rose
39. Recycled Crayons from Babble Dabble Do
40. Instant Scratch Boards from Babble Dabble Do

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