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If you’re here, you surely want to see just who is writing this blog so let me share a picture of me and the family. My husband and I have three kids, Alonzo, Clara, and Leon.



A Few Words to Describe Myself….

Creative (of course), Cali girl, nerd, sweet until approximately 7PM when a cranky witch takes over my brain, Type-A, all things vintage aficionado, Asian food loving, need to start exercising, crime fiction obsessed, exhausted mother of three!

3 Random Facts About Me

  • I love, love, love anchovy stuffed olives, AKA Aceitunas Rellenas de Anchoa. I’m half Spanish and these are a staple in every tapas bar in Spain. Talk about a salt bomb! They are perfect with beer and if you have never developed a taste for anchovies start with these. Still not convinced? Great, there will be more for me…….ha! 
  • I’m obsessed with Charlton Heston circa 1972. How is it that in every movie of his from the 70’s he finds a way to take his shirt off?  I’m a bit of a retro campy film junkie so all of CH’s 70’s flicks fit this genre. My favorite is The Omega Man where he stars as the last man on earth surrounded by zombies wearing unconvincing make-up, until he meets the hippest survivor around! The opening scene is one of the best movie sequences ever, with a rockin’ soundtrack to boot! Filling out my recommended Charlton Heston 1970’s filmography is Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, and Earthquake. So grab a big glass of wine to compliment the cheese and rent one of these today!
  • I’m a native Los Angeleno. We are few and far between it seems since so many people living here are from other places. The first comment I get when I say I grew up here is, “Wow, you’re so normal!” hmmmm what does that say about people’s idea of my hometown? LA Collage- BABBLE DABBLE DOYes, I went to school with a couple of celebrities, yes, I inhaled a lot of smog as a child, and yes, we drove everywhere, sometimes just down the block but I also had my share of trekking through the hills playing explorers, summer afternoons spent in a pool, and girl scout camp outs. I grew up in Los Feliz and now reside in, dare I say it, the Valley. I love LA and I love the Valley more. It’s like living in a smallish town with access to everything a major city has to offer. I love raising my children here, though I completely admit I fantasize about moving to teensy eensy place in the mountains, desert or by the ocean. The only problem would be giving up so many things I have at my fingertips here, like amazing Mexican food, 10 months of perfect weather, and  Trader Joes!

More About Me

Okay so now that you think more (or less) of me after I divulged those facts here’s the serious side of me:

  • I’m an architect and industrial designer by trade. I went to Cal Poly Slo and Art Center College of Design, two experiences that have truly shaped the creator I am today.
  • I’m married to a very creative fellow in his own right! My husband JR wrote a screenplay for the future feature length movie Bastard and owns his own videography business Make My Day Videography.
  • I am the daughter of an architect and teacher, granddaughter of an artist, inventor, sewist, and engineer.
  • My mother struggled with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease until her passing in 2011. I used to blog about my experiences caring for her at Sandwichd.tumblr.com. Though I no longer update that blog it has some illuminating stories about the disease.
  • My biggest goal in life is to raise thoughtful, inquisitive children. I also aim to give my children have childhood they remember fondly and I do my darndest to facilitate that!Family Fun BABBLE DABBLE DO

How’s that! And just in case you think we do projects all day long, think again, believe me there is plenty of iPad time, Minecraft, and movies around our home. However I try to include a creative outlet or two for my kiddos in our day, not always easy and yes, sometimes coerced, but usually fun!

Get in Touch

If you have any questions drop me a line at anadziengel@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

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