Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art

To kick off all things metal this month I’m bringing you a project that emulates one of my favorite forms of folk art: Hojalata or Tin Art from Mexico. We have a few tin art pieces around our house and I love the mixture of color and texture. Typically hojalata is made by stamping and punching tin, but we’re going to kid-idfy the process using recycled aluminum and sharpies

Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO

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Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art

Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO


  • Disposable cooking sheet or pie plate- SAVE THESE next time you buy a pie or go to a potluck! They make the perfect base for this project! We used sheets I bought from the store, which all had some type of pattern on the bottom. If you are buying sheets for this project THESEwould be perfect.
  • Scissors
  • Nail
  • Sharpies
  • Painter’s tape


Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO

  • Step One Cut your (recycled) cookie sheet into several sections. If you are using a pie tin, one pie tin bottom will make a good sized “canvas.”
  • Step TwoTrim the corners of each mini sheet to prevent sharp edges.
  • Step Three Tape the aluminum sheets down to the work surface. The aluminum tends to buckle and deform as it is embossed. Painter’s tape will secure it in place and protect hands from the metal edges.
  • Step Four Start “drawing” on the alumnum using the end of a nail. Be sure to press down hard to make an indentation in the metal.
  • Step Five Continue making an embossed design until you are satisfied. Remove the painter’s tape.
  • Step Six Turn the sheet over, tape it down again, and use Sharpies to color to the design using the embossed relief as borders for the color.
  • Step Seven Remove tape and display!

Well wasn’t that easy? Here’s my kids making their art.

Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO

Looks Like

Embossing. Embossing is an art technique that involves stamping or punching a material to form a 3D imprint or relief. The two materials typically used for embossing are paper and metal. You’ve probably seen embossing used on the last wedding invitation you received! The art of embossing in metal is also called repousse. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post hojalata is a type of embossed folk art from Mexico; one of the primary things that makes it stand out from other forms of embossed metal art is the color. Typically embossed metal is left in it’s natural state but in hojalata the embossed surface is painted in very colorful hues. Tin is also considered a cheap type of metal and is sometimes referred to as “poor man’s silver,” thus making it a perfect candidate for folk art. If you have a chance to visit a store that sells Mexican art and imports be sure to take a look at the tin art, it is often combined with religious and humorous symbols.

Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO


If you are in need of easy art ideas for kids over the long summer tin art is one you can do with materials you probably already have on hand. Embossed tin art is suitable for young kids and the level of detail and finesse will increase with age. My 5 year old didn’t really understand the idea of using the embossed lines as guides for the color but my 7 year old was ready for that concept.And of course my toddler had to get in on the action; the image below was taken before his torso became covered in Sharpie!

Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO

Easy Art Ideas for Kids: Embossed Tin Art from BABBLE DABBLE DO


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