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Design for Kids: Disco Discovery Bottles

February 13, 2014
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Discovery bottles have been a hot item in the blogosphere for a long time and for good reason, they are easy to make using things you already have on hand and are enticing little DIY treasures for your kids to play with. We’ve never tackled them here on Babble Dabble Do but now that I […]

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DIY Toys: Frame Lacers

November 27, 2013

DIY-Toy-Frame-Lacers-BABBLE-DABBLE-DODIY Toys are a hot item this time of year, and with my expanding list of giftees, I’m always trying to dream up easy-to-make DIY toys that are both fun and affordable. I made these Frame Lacing Toys in about 30 minutes for about $4 each. I think they are perfect for a budding sewist or weaver or a simple little fine motor activity for younger children.

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Constellation Geoboards

November 22, 2013
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Have you and your kids discovered geoboards yet? Or are you searching for kid’s astronomy projects to engage your young stargazer? Well we‘ve got a double whammy here for you today, DIY Constellation Geoboards. Make this simple constellation geoboard for a great kids astronomy project and get that young astronaut cracking! As a child I was […]

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Science and Art for Kids: Whirligigs

September 20, 2013

 It’s time to make a simple paper toy today: Whirligigs! This is a 5-minute paper craft that illustrates dynamics to kids.  How does the shape of an object  affect how it moves in space? Well, cut a spiral piece of paper, open it up, and watch how it picks up the motion of air around it.

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DIY Toy: Tyvek Sled Kite

July 2, 2013
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Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to make a kite! Last summer we spent a week in Cambria, CA where the wind blows like crazy, and the kids I had a great time flying kites on the beach. Ever since then I’ve been itching to make our own kites since they really are […]

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Science and Fashion for Kids: Totally Tubular Glitter Bracelets

June 21, 2013
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Yes, you read that correctly, science meets fashion! Did you ever think those two concepts could be combined in one kid’s craft project? Neither did I, but when I found a lovely idea for making glitter tubes in Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experiences I decided they would also make great jewelry for kids! Now, […]

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Our Creative Week

March 1, 2013
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Our Creative Week is a snapshot of the activities that have kept us occupied over the past week, some are impromptu projects, others more planned. Hope this inspires your creative week. Baby Leon is almost here and I wanted to post one more Creative Week before we go on a short baby break! Here is what we have been up […]

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Clothespin Doll Valentines

February 2, 2013

  I’ve been racking my brain for a cool valentine’s project for the kids for awhile. I’ve also recently been a little obsessed with the idea of homemade dolls; I AM NOT a doll person but I love the wooden mid-century Alexander Girard dolls that go for a whopping $100+ each, and have been trying […]

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DIY Toy: Tin Can Stilts

January 31, 2013
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I love Amy Sedaris. She is one of those unique personalities that have made a career of just being her quirky, funny self. So I laughed out loud when I was flipping through a copy of her tongue in cheek crafting book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People and saw my next planned DIY toy project […]

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