Glow-in-the-Dark Art

Glow in the Dark Art. Need I say more? I know you want to try it…For our next light month project we tackled a little process art in the dark! If you follow Babble Dabble Do you know I recently started exploring process art with my kids, inspired by some amazing art moms I’ll be introducing at the end of this post. Process art is about the process of creating, NOT the final product. It’s a hands off approach to art with kids. Adults set the scene and then back away.

glow artFor this art scene we got our rave on! I pulled out the best glowing art materials from our stash, plugged in the black light, and invited the kids into the kitchen for a little after dinner art. If I hadn’t had to photograph it I might have pulled up a chair and enjoyed a little desert (or wine) while watching the kiddos create!

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Glow in the Dark Art



Note: This project should be done at night or in a really dark room!

  • Step One Place all your materials out on a table along with black paper. I suggest taping down the paper or using a large sheet of black butcher paper if available.
  • Step Two Plug in your black light as close as possible to the work area. You may want to prop it up vertically. Turn it on.
  • Step Three Turn out the lights! Invite your kids into the room and let them have fun!

glow artI didn’t need to do much to sell this project to the kids, the minute my daughter saw glowing paint she was in.  The only involvement I had was reminding them to check out the glitter which they then happily dumped all over their art. It felt a little bit like fairy dust! I also was on “light duty” propping up and moving the black light around to light up their paintings as they worked (and in the process dropping said light on the ground). Luckily this black light is a beast and still worked afterwards!glow art


  • You must use a powerful black light! Invest in one; it’s worth it! The one we have is $20 on Amazon. One black light bulb placed in your room’s light fixture will NOT work, you need juice here friends!
  • Use fluorescent materials; they glow like crazy! At first I planned on doing this project with white items until I realized things like white glue and salt don’t glow in black light. That’s when I started rummaging through my art closet to find materials that glowed. I highly recommend the neon glitter! It’s really spectacular in the dark!
  • Use black paper! You want the neon colors to pop and they look best when painted onto dark surfaces.

glow artglow art

Looks Like

Que Houxo. Never heard of him? Neither had I until I started researching glow in the dark art. Que Huoxo is a Japanese street artist who works with fluorescent paint and black lights to create massive glowing works of art. He also does it live. He  is part performance artist, part graffiti artist. Either way you will be captivated by his large-scale glowing art. I’m definitely adding him to my must-watch list of up and coming artists!


Glow in the dark art for kids is a surefire hit. I mean, really, what kid is not immediately entranced by the sight of something glowing? Now let your kids create with it! I really enjoyed coming up with this process art in the dark project and I think you too will love trying it with your kids.glow art

Introducing the Rockin’ Art Moms!

Now….more about these inspiring moms I mentioned at the beginning of this post…..I have recently started working with a talented group of 9 other mom bloggers who are as passionate about art and creativity as I am. We started out forming a little group we call the Rockin’ Art Moms, and after a few months of bouncing ideas around we are teaming up to bring our readers more art inspiration for kids than you can handle!  Each of the Rockin’ Art Moms (RAMs for short) has a unique voice and perspective, and combined we hope to reinforce to parents and educators the power of art in your children’s daily lives. No we’re not ambitious or anything….

I was lucky enough to grow up in a creative family and one of my main goals here at Babble Dabble Do is sharing that joy of creative exportation with others. When I met all the RAMs and learned they shared the same passion for inspiring kids to be creative, I knew I had found my kindred spirits in the blogoshpere. If you share this joy I hope you’ll join the journey along with us! How do you follow along?

  • Step One: Follow the RAM Pinterest Board!

RAM logo

  • Step Two: Meet all these amazing ladies! Here they are with a link to one of their inspiring art projects!

Stephanie from Twodaloo

Meri from Meri Cherry Blog

Jeanette from Artchoo and Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Melissa from Green Owl Art

Suja from Blog Me Mom

Kristen from Art History Mom

Gina from Willowday

Bar from Art Bar

Asia from Fun At Home With Kids

Chelsey from Buggy and Buddy

Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks

And yours truly from Babble Dabble Do

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  1. says

    First of all, this is mesmerizing to say the least. I can almost hear the shrieks of excitement from your kids, because I know mine would have reacted that way. Secondly, I’m not sure I even knew neon glitter existed? This opens up a whole new world. $20 isn’t that bad for a good blacklight- it’s the sort of thing you are happy you have after you buy one. SO much fun, Ana!
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Tape Art Projects and Activities RoundupMy Profile

    • Ana Dziengel says

      You’ll have to thank Miss Martha Stewart for the neon glitter! I finally ran out after this project but I.NEED.MORE.

  2. Lindsey says

    Awesome pointer/tip to use the stuff on ‘black’ to make it pop….I hadn’t really ‘thought’ of that, LOLLOLOL!

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