Our Creative Week

Our Creative Week is a snapshot of the activities that have kept us occupied over the past week, some are impromptu projects, others more planned. Hope this inspires your creative week.

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  1. Shrinky Dink I Heart You Cards Kit Creativity for Kids gave us a couple of these cute kits to try out this week. The activity includes decorating cards and my fave blast from the past Shrinky Dinks! Clara had a ball with this one. We’re giving away a kit too so be sure to check out the full post here: I Heart You Cards Kit and Giveaway.
  2. Working with Oil Pastels I found my old set of oil pastels and couldn’t wait to bring them out. This is my creation; I was trying to show the kids how you can blend the colors with your fingertips.
  3. Working with Oil Pastels Part 2 Alonzo’s oil pastel creation. I love the rich color you get with oil pastels; they look so good on colored paper.
  4. Ink Blot Color Mixing Both my kids initially said they did not want to try this project and then went on to create multiple “paintings.” Clara even said, “I’m sorry I didn’t want to do this, Mom. It was a lot of fun.” So I guess I won them over! We only used red, yellow, and blue poster paint for the paintings and I told the kids to squirt some of the paint on top of another color to create a secondary color. This one shows how yellow and blue make green.
  5. DIY Art Material Chalk Three ingredients: Plaster of Paris, water, and tempera paint.  Make it today: Chalk tutorial
  6. Fruit and Veggie Man This was actually my son’s kindergarten homework assignment and I thought it was pretty clever. Make a figure using fruits, veggies, and toothpicks. Then eat it!
  7. Pins and Styrofoam Am I the only parent who lets their kids play with pins? Please tell me I am not alone….My daughter loves pushing pins into pincushions and I happily hand them over to her. We had a bunch of Styrofoam lying around this week and both my kids started pushing my sewing pins into it all on their own. I redirected them to the table where I could monitor the activity a little better. I also gave them some beads to pin through for an extra fine motor skills task. They did poke themselves a few times but it didn’t seem to deter anyone’s interest!
  8. Beading I finally put some of my paper beads to use making this necklace for Clara. We had a little girlie time making jewelry this week.
  9. Doodling There is nothing more satisfying than picking your child up from preschool and finding them doodling on their own. While I chatted with a couple parents Clara ran over to one of the tables, grabbed some paper and a marker and made drawings of the whole family. This one is of Daddy.

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