Our Creative Week

Our Creative Week is a snapshot of the activities that have kept us occupied over the past week, some are impromptu projects, others more planned. Hope this inspires your creative week.

1. Homemade Stamps One of my fave DIY posts so far! Homemade stamps are fun to make, fun to use, and I think the results are amazing. For the full tutorial click here: How to Make a Stamp

2. Scratch Art  I spotted Scratch Art Paper online recently and ordered some sheets right away. Basically it’s paper with a black layer of film on it that you can scratch off to reveal colors below. Drawings look like etchings. My kids didn’t understand why we were going to draw on black paper and then were amazed when the colors showed up as they scratched it! They kept looking at the wood stylus like it had some type of magic ink in it!

3. Homemade Modeling Clay I found a recipe for modeling clay in the Preschooler’s Busy Book that calls for salt, cornstarch, water, and food coloring. I was hoping it would be sort of hard like clay but the consistency ended up more like sticky crystallized play dough. And so my quest for a good homemade clay recipe continues….

4. Clay and Craft Stick Structures My son had to build a structure this week for a homework assignment so we used craft sticks and clay. As usual Alonzo started out complaining which was quickly followed up by interest, then frustration alternated with enthusiasm, and then invention; once his structure took form he decided he wanted to put it on a cardboard base which he colored green and added his own homemade flag on top! That’s when I am happiest, when I see his mind take the project in a whole new direction, even if it took some coercing to get him going on it in the first place!

5. Homemade Prints This is one of the test prints I made using our home made stamps and ink. I think these would be great on blank greeting cards! For the stamp/ink tutorial click here: How to Make a Stamp

6. Leaf Collage Another school assignment that I loved. Alonzo had to collect leaves and glue them to newspaper. I’m not sure why the assignment called for newspaper but I thought the final result looked aesthetically pleasing! And I loved how he glued them down in a geometric layout.

7. Handprints You can never go wrong allowing your child to get their hands covered in paint. Just make sure you are nearby when they are ready to wash it off! As a side shoot of our stamp/ink project Clara decided it would be fun to squeeze our paint soaked sponges, AKA inkpads, in her hands. I quickly shoved a piece of paper under her nose and said print away!

8. Peel and Stick Puzzle I picked one of these up for my daughter at the craft store this week: Melissa & Doug Petite Peel and Press Sticker by Number-Fairy. It’s basically a puffy sticker puzzle. Clara loved it and it’s prefect for developing fine motor and problem solving skills. The stickers match up to a numbered template to help kids solve the puzzle in a thoughtful way.

9. Day Glo Accordion Books You know I love making homemade books…This one was inspired by day-glo envelopes and a couple of great tutorials I mish mashed into one big one! If you would like to make one of these click here: Day Glo Accordion Book Tutorial

Have a creative week!

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