Our Creative Week

Our Creative Week is a snapshot of the activities that have kept us occupied over the past week, some are impromptu projects, others more planned. Hope this inspires your creative week.

Baby Leon is almost here and I wanted to post one more Creative Week before we go on a short baby break! Here is what we have been up to this week:

  1. Painting Sticks I’ve wanted to have the kids collect and paint sticks for a long time now. I wasn’t sure if that should be the entire activity or if we should turn the sticks into something….My daughter thought painting the sticks was fun all by itself; my son thought differently; see #6 for his idea.
  2. Gluing Wood  I had intended to make a Jacob’s Ladder with this strip of birch plywood but before I could finish sawing the pieces, my daughter painted some of them and my son tried to nail them together! I decided it was better to let them tinker than try to salvage the wood for my future project. Birch ply is pretty hard, though, so I showed my son wood glue and suggested he use that to adhere the pieces together in lieu of nails. He was mesmerized by the strength of it! Afterwards he decorated his creation into a bazooka. I’m not sure how I felt about the project turning into a weapon…however he enjoyed decorating it with flag colors and really loves all things military so I indulged him.
  3. Boxes It’s been said boxes are the best toy ever and it’s true. I handed my kids two large boxes and they spent at least an hour outside in self-directed fun. They turned this one into a ship, cave, and shelter amongst other things!
  4. Toilet Paper Roll People Marc, the art parent at Clara’s preschool, brought in this hit project to school this week. The kids decorated toilet paper rolls as people using googly eyes, fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, and yarn.
  5. Glowing Paper Planets Our fun DIY project this week. For the full tutorial click here: Glowing Paper Planets. The drips shown here are Glow-in-the-Dark-Paint, a great little add to this project!
  6. Stick Pick Axe My Minecraft obsessed son thought a pick axe was a much better thing to make with sticks than just painting them! He tied them together with yarn and then added some grey paint for effect.
  7. Collage Time The great thing about paper projects is the remnants. Taking a note from Tinkerlab’s Art Tips I have started saving all the paper scraps from projects and cutting them up into pieces for collage projects. My kids still don’t think collage is all that interesting but I know someday they’ll see it’s endless possibilities….
  8. Play Dough Food My daughter has a vivid imagination. This week she decided that the play dough she was playing with was food. I slipped a plate underneath, gave her a few kitchen tools, and her imagination conjured up a delectable feast! Here she is telling me about the muffins, cucumbers, and strawberries on her plate.
  9. Woodworking I bought some balsa wood pieces in addition to the birch plywood for the soon to come Jacob’s Ladder but quickly realized balsa wood would be too soft for the project. However, the fact that it is so soft makes it but just perfect for kids to work with;  it’s really easy for them to nail into. So I cut a few pieces of the balsa wood down, put them out on the table with some tools, tacks, screws, and small nails and let the kids go to town! They LOVED it to say the least, especially hammering. My son also liked sawing but that had to be intensely supervised as it takes a lot of coordination and involves a very sharp tool. As long as you are there to make sure the tools are being used safely, a simple woodworking activity is a sure hit for kids even as young as 4.


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