My Scientific Valentine: Printable Valentines Cards

Looking for a printable Valentine’s Day card for your kids? You found it!

I know the first thing that comes to mind with Valentine’s Day is science, right? Anyone…..? Bueller…..? Okay so maybe science and Valentine’s Day aren’t exactly synonymous but they just might be after this little ditty!  I’ve been wanting to make a spinning disc illusion toy for some time and then realized we could have some Valentine’s Day fun with it.

printable valentine cards

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My Scientific Valentine: Printable Valentines Cards

printable valentines cards



  • Step One Print out the front side of the Valentine. Flip over the page and print the backside. Make sure to orient the top of the back page to feed through your printer in the same direction as the front.
  • Step Two Write the names of the TO and FROM before cutting the Valentines. Be sure to orient the names in the direction shown otherwise they will be upside down!
  • Step Three Cut out the Valentines.
  • Step Four Punch a hole at the cross hair marks.
  • Step Five Thread a rubber band through one hole and secure. Repeat for other side.

printable valentines cards

printable valentines cardsYou’re done! To use it, twist the rubber bands between your fingers and watch as the heart and arrow are combined! The TO and FROM will also be readable. Wanna see it in action?

Where’s the Science? 

Steve Spangler did this classic experiment with some other fun holiday themes and has a wonderful explanation of the science behind it. Check it out here: Spinning Disc Illusion. Essentially your brain cannot process rapidly moving images and instead it creates it’s own combination image which is what you see when you spin the disc! It’s also similar you what your brain does with the information it receives from each individual eye, it combines the view from each of your eyes into the image you actually see. Try shutting one eye at a time and looking at a very close object. You’ll notice that the view from each individual eye is different from the view you have of the object with both eyes open. The brain is crazy like that!

printable valentines cards

Looks Like

M.C. Escher. What kid isn’t fascinated with M.C. Escher and his design work? I used to have several posters of his and would stare at them trying to make sense of what was going on. If you like optical illusions you must check out his work. Escher was heavily influenced by mathematics and geometry and his scenes show impossible constructions. They are a geeky architect’s dream!

Conclusion & More 

Did you really think I would let Valentine’s Day pass by without a Valentine’s project that incorporated science? I can’t help myself! This is a really fun little optical illusion your kids can impress their friend’s with.

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