Summer boredom SOLVED (at least for a week)

picture this...

It’s a typical Saturday morning in May. The kids are up early. You haven’t even had your coffee, but they are asking for breakfast. They want to download a new app on the iPad. They want to watch a movie. They want to do a craft that requires multiple how-to videos. They are bickering over what to watch, what to play, who gets to go first, and before you can intervene, they say it in unison: “WE'RE BORED!”

sound familiar?

Fast forward to June. It’s summer vacation! And school is out for the next 7 weeks (or 65 days if you're really counting…) and while we love not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the school year - the homework, the reading logs, the projects, the extracurricular activities -school does give kids a comfortable routine, ahem...and parents a reprieve from the  Saturday scene above...

Of course you’ll do the Pinterest searches, let them play video games and watch movies; you’ll take trips to the park and craft store. You’ll listen to the cacophonies of “I’m bored,” “what are we doing today?” and “can we buy more Robux?” You’ll do those things because you're a great parent - but even the best parents run out of ideas.

 Enter Camp STEAM  

“Each day my son came home with completed projects, having learned so much, that he couldn’t stop talking about Camp STEAM.  After the first day, he asked if he could do it again next year." -Michele 




 Our days are messy and loud and colorful and hands-oN  

We are a much needed break from screens

We are all things science, technology, engineering, art, and math

We are your best idea ever...

what camp STEAM is: 

  • We are a small boutique camp focused on hands-on activities exploring science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).
  • We offer a supportive environment for young tinkerers to use their imagination and learn team-building skills.
  • We split our time between indoor and outdoor activities.
  • We are run by two professional adults: Ana Dziengel, architect, industrial designer, and blogger at and Emily Stuver, art teacher with 20+ teaching years experience in LA schools.

what camp STEAM is NOT:

  • We are not your standard large day camp. We have space for 15 campers per session.
  • We are not run by CITs (counselors in training)... though we do love CITs and will have them helping out at times!
  • We don't offer specialized tracks. All campers participate in the themed activities of the day.
  • We aren't overly academic. We believe in exploration first and sprinkle in the learning as we go.

    what parents are saying    

You weren’t kidding when you promised us a mess!” 


"Both of my boys came home and neither of them asked to play with their video games - they were too busy playing with the bots they made!" 


“I don’t think my daughter realized how much she was learning, but when she came home and described in detail the chemistry involved in making something as simple as slime, I knew Ana and Emily were on to something big!”


where & when is Camp STEAM?


Session 1  

June 18-22
Ages 5-8  

9AM-3PM daily

Session 2  

June 25-29
Ages 7-11
9AM-3PM daily

snacks provided

sibling discount available

Sherman Oaks Cooperative Preschool Campus 

 in Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park

14265 W. Addison Street

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

    who's running camp steam ?    

Ana Dziengel

Architect and industrial designer, creator of Babble Dabble Do, author of STEAM Play and Learning and co-author of STEAM Kids book series

Emily Stuver 

Art Teacher at the Chatsworth Hills Academy. MFA UCLA, 20 years teaching experience in Los Angeles area schools.

Give yourself a week off this summer 

while the kids make a mess...somewhere else!

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